Two Shepherds Natty Pets Canned Pet Nat 2020

Two Shepherds Natty Pets Canned Pet Nat 2020

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The label (and name) is a tribute to all the 'natty' pets that William and Karen keep on their property. Made from the rather-rare-in-these-parts Picpoul, this (partially skin-fermented) bubble is a perfect summer treat - energetic and refreshingly dry, this canned cutie is crisp and crunchy and easy to share!

Each can is 375 ml, aka a half bottle!


William was a garagiste for years before starting Two Shepherds as a micro-winery in 2010. In 2015 William was joined by his partner Karen Daenen, a wine industry veteran. William focuses on day to day wine making while Karen, the Chief Shepherdess, runs foot stomping, blending trials, marketing, accounting, design and other key elements to the business. They focus on uncommon varietals, cool climate or old vine plantings, often from the only few acres planted in California.
This Vermentino is fermented and aged in 50% stainless steel, and 50% neutral barrel for 6 months. All the Two Shepherds wines are fermented with native yeast, aged on the lees in neutral barrels, minimally racked with no fining, filtration, or additions other than a small amount of Sulfur.

WINE: Natty Pets' Pet Nat 2020
PRODUCER: Two Shepherds / William Allen (winemaker)
REGION: Sonoma, California
VARIETY: Picpoul


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