Orange & Sparkling Spring Wine Duo

Orange & Sparkling Spring Wine Duo

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Two of our favorites that encapsulate the hopefulness of spring: an orangey hued chardonnay and rosey pet nat. Delicate yet structured, these shine alongside spring salads, picnics in the park, and happy hour drinking.

2020 L'Aureate Orange

100% chardonnay skin contacted white with notes of white apricot, plum, hibiscus flower, and green mango. The aging of the grapes with the skins before bottling (skin-contact!), gives this wine its glorious orange hue.

2020 Sparkling Deming Valdiguié 

Pale pink with a slight haze. Rose, watermelon and fennel. A tight mouse carrying a savory and chalky finish. Floral on the nose and structured in the mouth. "If you doubt the seriousness of PetNats, try this!" - Michael Cruse of Cruse Wine Co


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