Maloof Temperance Hill Pinot Gris 2019

Maloof Temperance Hill Pinot Gris 2019

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A trip to the tropics in the glass, this Pinot Gris is ripe and weighted, with plenty of righteous acidity. A sessionable style, we recommend a long sunset & good company to pair.


Maloof Wines is a husband-and-wife winery team based in Forest Grove, OR. The Maloofs are dedicated to making wines full of energy, with the number one goal of truly capturing a place and time in each bottle. They work closely with their farmers to achieve this goal, and consider them to be the true inspiration of their work. They make fun and funky cuvées of all colors, but focus on producing single-vineyard wines of often-overlooked or misunderstood white varieties. Today, Maloof Wines are produced at their estate vineyard and winery location, No Clos Radio, just outside of Forest Grove, OR. The vineyard and winery is shared with their closest friends, Jim and Jenny from Fossil & Fawn.

WINE: Temperance Hill Pinot Gris 2019
PRODUCER: Maloof Wines
REGION: Willamette Valley, OR
VARIETY: Pinot Gris

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