Civic Wines Amphora Cidre 2020

Civic Wines Amphora Cidre 2020

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100% Willamette Apples (some of which were sourced from their backyard) including Red Mutsu, Gala, Porters Perfection, Pippin, and Northern Spy; this is a slightly-sparkling, dry cider with a decidedly herbaceous edge. From Craig : "My wife’s family on her mother’s side comes from Normandie, and they have a home in a small village that we have visited for years. Cidre plays an important role in our Normandie lives and is always served to begin lunch and dinner. -- I wanted to make a cider that was in the spirit of Normandie, but also true to Civic-style- using the same approach as in my natural winemaking. Civic Cidre is not artificially sparkling or heavily carbonated, but a Pétillant-naturel."


In 2018, Craig set out on a grand mission at 50 East 11th Ave in Eugene, Oregon to create a wholistic eating, living and work space in the medium of a restaurant, wine bar, event space and winery thus creating its own sustainable community. Craig is producing organic, native yeast, low-intervention wines using one of the oldest-earth mediums to ferment and age in : Amphora (specifically, the NOVUM terracotta amphorae produced by Oregon winemaker Andrew Beckham!).

WINE: Amphora Cidre 2020
PRODUCER: Civic Winery
REGION: Willamette Valley, Oregon
VARIETY/IES: Willamette Valley Apples

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