Adroît Initiative Mission 2018

Adroît Initiative Mission 2018

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Mission (also known as País or Listán Prieto) was the first grape to be planted in North America by the Spanish in the 1500s. Originally, the grape was planted in order to produce Sacramental wine, hence the name. Oft overlooked as plantings in California skewed toward the French, this grape is getting a revival from young producers interested in it's potential to make light but interesting, highly-drinkable wines. This is a juicy, jumpy carbonically-macerated iteration full of bright red fruits (think cranberries and raspberries) on the tongue, it is is bright and light, with a tether of lush earth and a sprinkle of white pepper.


Seabold Cellars is the brainchild of Master Sommelier Chris Miller (formerly of Canlis!), established in the Monterey Bay region for it's cooler climate. Their approach is as hands-off as possible, respecting traditional techniques and practices (without being beholden to them). The Adroît Initiative wines are the outcome of successful experiments in the winery that do not quite fit into a traditional mold. They represent a divergence from what is generally considered the more ‘classic’ winemaking archetypes: pétillant-naturel, carbonic maceration, skin-contact white wines, and use of underappreciated grape varieties.

WINE: Mission 2018
PRODUCER: Seabold Cellars / Adroît Initiative / Chris Miller (winemaker)
REGION: Monterey Bay, California
VARIETY: Mission Grape

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