The Story of Nocino

Nocino is a traditional Italian liqueur made of green, unripened walnuts and spices. The walnuts must be picked at the perfect time for this special infusion. This magical moment is fleeting in the summertime.

We gathered locally grown green walnuts just in time from Mair Farm-Taki in Yakima to add to our Nocino kits. In addition to green walnuts, each kit will contains spices, a jar for infusing, a recipe and tutorial to walk you through how to make your own nocino! Just add the vodka. 

For all new subscribers until 7/28, we will add in a free nocino kit for your next delivery. And for friends already with us, refer a friend and we'll send you both a nocino kit. Just tell your friend to drop us a line about who referred them! 


Nocino takes several months to infuse and is perfectly ready in time for gifting and enjoying during the holidays. We hope you will join us! 


Ashley + Kelly

About Mair Farm- Taki

Farmer Katsumi Taki is from Shiga, Japan. He purchased the old Mair farmstead, added his name to the end, calling it Mairr Farm-Taki and now cultivates on 36.5 acres in the Yakima Valley near Wapato area. Katsumi realized that specializing in the produce he has known since his childhood would set him apart from other local farmers. We feel so lucky to be able to get these green walnuts from him. Check out his beautiful ume plums, Japanese kabocha squashes and more at local Seattle farmers' markets.