The Pantry

Once you're a subscriber, you can login and customize your Kinfood box with additional products from our local partners. Add any of the following shares on a 1x, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Try it out, you can cancel or change your pantry share at any time.

Fruit Share

PNW fruit is a treasure and soooo good when it's in season.  When you choose this subscription, you'll get a large helping of the fruit selected for the box that week.  For instance, in a normal box you'll receive a pint of berries and with a fruit share you'd receive 3-4 pints.  You can always skip a week when you don't need the extra quantity, but the fruit is so good why would you?! 

Pastured Egg Share

Add farm fresh pastured eggs to your subscription from one of our local farm partners. Chickens are free to roam and feast on fresh pasture, producing the freshest golden yolks for all your cooking and eating adventures.

Sourdough Bread and Fresh Pasta Share

Ben's Bread 

Ben's Bread is a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) that focuses on fresh-made, naturally leavened hearth breads. He is also the head baker for Sea Creatures, and former head baker at Lark in Seattle, Washington.

Lagana Pasta

Lagana Pasta is handcrafted by Kaela Farrington here in Seattle. She handcrafts every batch of fresh, extruded pasta with sustainably-grown Shepherd’s Grain flour and water, creating the perfect base for your favorite veggies and sauces.

Natural Wine Share - Pacific Northwest grown Natural Wines

We are so excited to launch our natural wine program focused on locally grown, sustainably farmed wines from small growers and  winemakers in the region. We focus on wines with minimal intervention, allowing mother nature and fermentation to run their course. Wine is another format of food and believe the same inquiries we have around our food should be applied to wine. If you subscribe to the natural wine share, a new bottle will be selected and paired to your box selection each week. This is going to be a fun one to join!

Locally Milled Flour Share - COMING SOON! 

Cairnspring Mills (drop us a line if you are interested in signing up!)

Flour is a fresh product, grown from wheat or other grain, and not meant to sit on the shelf indefinitely. Fresh local flour not only tastes remarkably delicious, it is often more digestible, better for the local economy, and preserves the unique agricultural heritage of the growing region. We choose to work with grain partners that value soil health and shortening the distance from farmer to customer, contributing to a more sustainable food system. Our farm partners currently include Cairnspring Mills with grain coming from Washington's Skagit Valley.

Coffee Share

Stamp Act Coffee

It was important to us to source beans from farmers who practice similar earth honoring, sustainable, and regenerative growing techniques we seek out from our local farmers. Andrew from Stamp Act has spent years cultivating relationships with coffee growers around the world and has established a small roastery here in Seattle to supply you with the most delicious and unique small batch single origin and blends.