Take It Easy' Rosé Piquette NV

Take It Easy' Rosé Piquette NV

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Piquette is a vinous ferment made by rehydrating grape pomace ( (the leftover skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit post-pressing). This skinsy concentration of sugar and yeasts, combined with water, sparks a a second spontaneous fermentation, yielding a fizzy, refreshingly low-ABV, wine-adjacent beverage! A deliciously delicate combo of early season cherries, brackish breezes, and tart gooseberry, this not-quite wine is distinct, bright and so quaffable its quenching.


A sibling-run, full-family endeavor, Old Westminster (who first planted vines in 2011), produces noteworthy, creative wines that celebrate Marylands unique geology and expressions. Drew (the family vigneron - since age 22!) and his sister Lisa (former chemist, now winemaker) work together with their sister Ashli (general manager and hospitality director) to realize their collective dream of proving the potential and possibility of Maryland-made wines. Old Westminster is committed to making terroir-focused sustainable wines - farming is done entirely by hand, vineyards are meticulously managed, and minimal interference is applied in the winery. Old Westminster has earned a wave of acclaim in recent years for being one of several prominent new world piquette producers (a zero-waste beverage, historically enjoyed by vineyard and farm workers).

WINE: Take It Easy' Rosé Piquette NV
PRODUCER: Old Westminster / Lisa Hinton (winemaker)
REGION: Piedmont Plateau, Maryland
VARIETY/IES: 60% chambourcin rosé, 35% piquette blanc, 5% piquette rouge. Brightened to taste with verjus.

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