Civic Wines Amphora Pet Nat 2020

Civic Wines Amphora Pet Nat 2020

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A pink pet-nat from a pot (amphora)! Due to smoke from the fires of 2020, this Pinot Noir (from Johan vineyard) was blended with Chenin Blanc from Elkton. Fruity, crisp, and full of vivid acidity, this is a voluminous bubble with a peach-fuzzy finish.


In 2018, Craig set out on a grand mission at 50 East 11th Ave in Eugene, Oregon to create a holistic eating, living and work space in the medium of a restaurant, wine bar, event space and winery thus creating its own sustainable community. Craig is producing organic, native yeast, low-intervention wines using one of the oldest-earth mediums to ferment and age in : Amphora (specifically, the NOVUM terracotta amphorae produced by Oregon winemaker Andrew Beckham!).

WINE: Amphora Pet Nat 2020
PRODUCER: Civic Winery
REGION: Willamette Valley, Oregon
VARIETIES: Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc

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