Martha Stoumen Summer Wine Trio

"For my wines I lease and farm around half of the vineyards myself. The other half are farmed by multi-generation farmers who understand their land, and their family's land, far better than I ever will, and who farm with my same philosophies in mind. Patience in the vineyard means composting rather than adding synthetic fertilizers, allowing predatory insects the ability to outcompete pests rather than spraying insecticides, and doing proper handwork, such as pruning for vine longevity rather than high yields. In the cellar I use a minimalist winemaking approach. Patience in the cellar means letting the natural yeast and bacteria present on the grape skins perform fermentation, and allowing longer macerations and aging to provide stability rather than using added tannin, acid, or stabilizing agents in my wines. Above all, I strive to make wines that are delicious, joyful, and truly representative of California."


After her initial exposure to grape farming and winemaking in Tuscany (post-completing her undergraduate studies in agricultural systems and Italian), Martha began a series of apprenticeships, sandwiched around a Master's at UC Davis. In 2014, Martha Stoumen Wines was born with the ambition of making responsibly farmed, terroir-driven, Californian wines.

We love them and hope you do, too! <3, The Kinfood Team 

photo credit: Andrew Thomas Lee