Seasonal Fruit (3 -5 pounds)

Seasonal Fruit (3 -5 pounds)

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This week's fruit share (delivery 3/5) contains 3 pounds of red d'anjou pears from Collins Family Orchard.

*New orders must be placed by Tuesday at 5pm to be delivered on Friday of the same week. All subscriptions made after the Tuesday at 5pm will be delivered starting the following Friday*

PNW fruit is a treasure and soooo good when it's in season.  When you choose this subscription, you'll get a large helping of the fruit selected for the box that week.  For instance, in a normal box you'll receive a pint of berries and with a fruit share you'd receive 3-4 pints.  You can always skip a week when you don't need the extra quantity, but the fruit is so good why would you?! 


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