Wine Pairing of the Week

Wine Pairing of the Week

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This week's wines (for delivery on 6/18):

This week we're featuring a mini-study in Pinot Gris / aka Pinot Grigio!

Maloof "Where Ya PJ's At" Rosé-ish Pinot Gris/Riesling 2019 (single)

Maloof Temperance Hill Pinot Gris 2019 (duo)

Pet Project Pinot Gris Pet Nat (trio)

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From Maloof Wines :

'Where Ya PJ's At?" Rosé-ish Pinot Gris/Riesling 2019 

  • A tribute to two of Bee & Ross' dearest friends Paul & Stina.  A dynamically different combo of skin-contact Pinot Gris and barrel-fermented Riesling, this wine - lovingly termed 'rosé-ish' by the Maloofs - is a high-acid, aromatic adventure in creative varietal expression! Hard candied on the nose, tart and refreshing on the palate. 

Temperance Hill Pinot Gris 2019

  • A trip to the tropics in the glass, this Pinot Gris is ripe and weighted, with plenty of righteous acidity. A sessionable style, we recommend a long sunset & good company to pair. 

A bit about the producer : 

Maloof Wines is a husband-and-wife winery team based in Forest Grove, OR. The Maloofs are dedicated to making wines full of energy, with the number one goal of truly capturing a place and time in each bottle. They work closely with their farmers to achieve this goal, and consider them to be the true inspiration of their work. They make fun and funky cuvées of all colors, but focus on producing single-vineyard wines of often-overlooked or misunderstood white varieties. Today, Maloof Wines are produced at their estate vineyard and winery location, No Clos Radio, just outside of Forest Grove, OR.  The vineyard and winery is shared with their closest friends, Jim and Jenny from Fossil & Fawn. 


From Pet Project :

Pinot Gris Pét Nat 2020:

This lightweight sparkler from Foundry Wines' sibling label is a dream patio pour with pizzazz - lightweight and frothy, with hints of underripe melon and dragonfruit. We're serving ours alongside any (and possibly every) summer salad!

A bit about the producer :

pétproject is Foundry Vineyards' sister label, focused on creating low-intervention wines using the ancestral method, the oldest process for creating sparkling wines. Founders Mark and Patty Anderson focused their vision for Foundry Vineyards around a unique experience that highlights the creative processes of making both art and wine. There is a distinct aesthetic to each aspect of the winery, from the art-driven labels and the gallery-like tasting room to the modern feel of the contemporary sculpture garden and design store. Today, Foundry Vineyards is operated by Mark & Patty's children, Jay & Lisa Anderson. The focus on art and wine has not wavered, as both children crafted their careers around the family's passion for art in all its forms.

Our natural wine program focuses on locally grown, sustainably farmed wines from small growers and  winemakers in the region. We search for wines that are delicious with minimal intervention, allowing mother nature and fermentation to run their course. Wine is another format of food and believe the same inquiries we have around our food should be applied to wine. If you subscribe to the natural wine share, a new bottle will be selected and paired to your box selection each week. Or select the duo or trio to complete the pairing for each recipe this week! 

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