Sparkling Peach and Basil Sangria

Sparkling Peach and Basil Sangria

We love this refreshing, grown up take on sangria that lets all the peak season ingredients shine without being overly sweet. Whip it up an hour before friends come over and it's the perfect thing for a summer afternoon or evening. Order a kit with all of the ingredients here!


1 bottle white wine (we recommend Two Shepherds Vermentino)
2 white peaches, medium diced
Handful of sweet basil
Sparkling water


Place the chopped peaches and basil in a pitcher or large jar, and top with wine.

Store refrigerated for about 30 minutes to an hour to allow fruit to macerate.

Remove from fridge and top with sparkling water!

Give the mixture a gentle stir to distribute bubbles and ingredients evenly.

Serve over ice.

(We recommend a spoon to fish out the fruit for a tasty snack!)

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