Seasonal Kinfood Toast

Seasonal Kinfood Toast

We make this toast on repeat around here. We make it with whatever fruit comes in our Kinfood bag, a loaf of Ben's Sourdough, our house granola and whatever nut butter and maple syrup we have on hand. Its delicious, easy and can make a mid-week breakfast or snack a snap. Sub in the fruit with whatever you have on hand and don't skimp on the granola, its the best part! Like a fruit crisp on toast :)


1 slice of sourdough bread

nut butter of choice (we like hazelnut, but use what you have!)

1/2 an apple, very thinly sliced

Kinfood granola

a drizzle of maple syrup


Toast your sourdough bread and spread your nut butter on top. Arrange thinly sliced apple pieces over top. You will likely have extra apple slices -- have a snack or make more toast! Sprinkle granola over top and drizzle on maple syrup or honey if you prefer. 

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