Say Hello to Kelsen Edwins of KLSN Bread!

Say Hello to Kelsen Edwins of KLSN Bread!


What brought you into the world of food? 

My culinary journey has been a circuitous one. I grew up helping my mother cook a lot of our meals and the dinner table was the one place we all got quality time as a family. My mother is one of five, so family gatherings were always quite a production in the kitchen. Around the 8th grade, I started to host big dinners for friends and neighbors - it may not have been anything more than a box of spaghetti yet the sense of community was profound.

I worked in several restaurants during high school and college but left that to pursue a career in corporate America. After about a decade of that life, I left it behind and returned to my culinary path.

I started making naturally leavened bread in 2019 partially out of curiosity and dissatisfaction with a lot of the bread I was finding locally. What started as part-hobby-part-experiment turned into a full-blown pandemic pivot while I was running a pizzeria downtown Seattle. As the pandemic worsened I realized I had to make a change - I had access to a mixer, flour, and an oven, so I started making sourdough and focaccia for Hitchcock restaurant group where I was working at the time. Now I bake full-time for myself as KLSN Bread. 

What does kinship in the context of food mean to you? How has food served as a connector for you? 

So many of my fondest memories have revolved around a table. I love that whether with friends, family, or strangers, sharing a meal or breaking bread (oops!) has the amazing ability to bring people together no matter where you are.

I also have fond memories of making “Family Meal” while working for Rachel Yang. You learn to push yourself to provide sustenance for your workmates, the camaraderie built over that meal was rewarding. 

What is your favorite fruit and/or vegetable? And/or ideal meal? 

My favorite fruit is the banana - I like being able to decide the level of ripeness. An ideal meal would be a whole roasted chicken, rice pilaf, bread, and roasted vegetables. It’s the simple things I suppose. 

You can find KLSN's naturally leavened bread in our Kinfood bags or at one of the various pick-up and pop-up locations listed on the website

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