Produce storage, care, and prep

Produce storage, care, and prep

The abundance of fresh fruits and veggies can look so beautiful when laid out on a table or countertop, but don't delay in prepping them for storage in your fridge or they will begin to wilt and lose crispness and flavor (ideally, prep and store produce within an hour of receiving your Kinfood box).   

An extra 10-15 minutes can go a long way in keeping your veggies fresh and also keep you poised to use them throughout the week. 

First...Remove all bands and ties from veggies. 

Why? You don’t need them and they’ll slowly cause bruising around the area they are holding. In most of the steps below you’ll be storing veggies wrapped in cloths and/or a container, which will keep your bundle together.

Roots and Tops

The first thing to do with roots is remove all those frilly or leafy green top -- radishes, carrots, turnips, etc.  but DO NOT THROW AWAY!  You have options :). We love to turn those green tops into a salsa verde, pesto, or another green and herby sauce. So just store those tops like you would any other green and wrap in a damp cloth. Store the roots separately in a closed container or in a bowl with a damp cloth over top in the fridge. It’s also recommended to store the tops separately so that they don’t continue to draw moisture from the roots. 


Remove the band and wrap in a lightly damp cloth. We like to swaddle our greens and nestle them into the crisper drawer. Bonus points if you go all the way and wash/spin and store in a bag or container. If you do, keep a cloth in there to balance the humidity in there and soak up extra moisture. 


For woody herbs, store in a damp cloth in an airtight container. These herbs include rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano.

For soft tender herbs, treat them like flowers! Trim the ends, fill a small jar with cool water and place the herbs in. Change water every few days. Basil should stay out on the counter, as refrigeration will make it turn black. All other herb bouquets can go in the fridge, which is best if it’s very warm out. Loosely cover them with a bag or damp cloth to retain moisture. Make sure cloth is remoistened if it dries out. These herbs include parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, tarragon, mint.


Keep berries in a single layer and don’t wash until right before you’re ready to eat. Otherwise you’ll have a sad, soggy mess on your hands. Also store in something breathable, as it may get too humid for some berries in a closed container. A paper bag works great, or toss a light cloth over the paper basket they came in. 


Store those babes on the counter, never in the fridge. Ever.


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