Meet Kait Winowitch of Cake Life

Meet Kait Winowitch of Cake Life

Hi, Kait!  Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Kaitlin, but most know me as Kait. My journey in food began with a fear of it. As a young child I suffered from an eating disorder. It has taken me many years to feel comfortable with being open about it. Baking is a form of control and as someone who liked to control her food intake it made sense. 
Little did I know, I'd fall madly in love with the craft. It was healing for me and the fear no longer was in control. It made me see food in a different form and not as the enemy. I have been baking for over a decade now and it has shaped me into the person I am today. 

Can you tell us more about your business/product? How / why did you start your business?

Cake Life, the brand, was born in November 2019. However, in my early 20’s, I was a bartender in Chicago and would hustle my cakes on the side and continued to do so with every other job I had that wasn’t as a full-time baker. In November ‘19 I took the plunge to go full-time and started my company in my small apartment in Capitol Hill. My product revolved around cakes. I had an infinity for color and design. For me, the cake was my medium, like a ceramist to clay. 

Since then, my company has evolved and I’m not only producing cakes but croissants.

I have always had two loves, cakes and croissants. However, until the pandemic, I didn’t explore the option of putting my croissants into the universe and I’m grateful I did.

Aside, from the traditional flavors, I offer more dimension to most of my croissants. For example, bi-colored orange croissants filled with a spiced pumpkin pastry cream topped with toasted meringue and pepita brittle. 

What does kinship in the context of food mean to you? How has food served as a connector for you? 

Food has really shaped my community. It has drawn me to like-minded people who also work in the industry or just like to cook/bake in general. Personally, being a baker and all, I think pastries bring people together. Cake slices at a party to a shared croissant over coffee. 


What is your favorite fruit and/or vegetable? And/or ideal meal? 

Quince! I wait all year for these. I prepare mine by poaching them with a variety of spices. I use them as a compote in cakes or for personal indulgence with my yogurt and granola or vanilla ice cream.

Order Kait's amazing cakes or croissants through her website:

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