Meet Bryn

Meet Bryn

Bryn Hagman is a retired restaurant person, dog mom, astrology student and beverage director, with a penchant for photography & flowers. We are thrilled to have her as our new Wine Director! Read on for more of her story.

I originally hail from North Carolina, but made it to the west coast by way of New York City - having first moved there after attending college for vocal performance. As a young artist, I quickly found myself landed in the hospitality industry - happily trading music for the superior income & accessible creativity the restaurant & hospitality world had to offer.

Here, I found a deep love of service, food and, most especially, wine. First cutting my teeth at Café Luxembourg as a coat-check and eventually server, I then went on to work (under many titles) with restaurateurs such as Gabe Stulman, Stephen Starr, and Andrew Carmellini. In the denouement of my time in New York, I managed beverages for SoHo sweetheart The Dutch & opened the much beloved Chez Ma Tante in Greenpoint as a one-woman GM/Bev Director. Beyond restaurant work, I fell head-over-feet in love with the wine community, immersing myself in tasting groups with friends, achieving various career milestones, and enjoying the privilege of occasional travel for this work. ‘Natural’ Wine, specifically, became an intoxicant in more than one way - bewitching and enticing me with a fervent wish to share, learn, & enjoy the honest, often unbridled expressions that spoke, to me, evermore wisely, of time and place.

On a whim, in 2017, I moved to Seattle with my former partner, and took some time to travel, rest, and reflect.

Like so many in the recent past & painful present, upon coming up for air after nonstop work in stressful environments and a life primarily centered around consuming, I was confronted with the damage nearly ten years in service had inflicted on both my body and mind.

Forced physically into retirement, I set about working through a tremendous amount of trauma, physical, mental & spiritual healing. After these few years of self-dedication, I am humbled and excited to re-enter the vinous space - now armed with a deeply held desire to see integrity, consciousness, accessibility, and humanitarianism become standard tenants in the wine (and food and hospitality) realms.

I am, as ever, inspired and driven by the magic of people, plants, and places.

I feel overjoyed to be splashing around the scene - this time as a hopeful herald of the agrarian, human, and creative elements of wine.

As an ultimate form of (agri)cultural expression, wine can provoke sense memory and conjure connection both within and far beyond the land of its origin.

My task as a wine witch is to commune with & translate those feelings, essences, and efforts through a sharing and storytelling that roots experiences through the body, deeper into connection with each other & the earth. Through earnest enthusiasm, honest education & thoughtful exploration, I believe we can experience the potent union of conscious consumption and imbibement.

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