Kinfood & Friends : Meet Stephanie Eburah!

Kinfood & Friends : Meet Stephanie Eburah!

Stephanie’s first love in life was photography, but left it after discovering her second love: food. She’s cooked professionally more than 20 years, everything from owning a food truck, to fine dining catering, to being a culinary director for a caviar company where she developed recipes and private label products for chefs such as Jacques Pepin.

After taking a break for a few years to start a family, she came back to photography and shooting food but felt a strong urge to connect people around the table again so she opened Ebb & Company early in 2020.  Stephanie and her family split their time between Seattle and Lummi Island where she’s taken up gardening and hosts dinners and culinary retreats focused on the abundance of the land and surrounding sea.


What inspired you to open Ebb & Co.?

When our family moved to Seattle from the Bay Area, I became involved in a variety of different projects.  I really enjoyed cooking for small dinner gatherings with 'In the Shed', for 'Salmon Suppers' with Drifters Fish as well as the 'Sobremesa Dinner Series', which are curated by Sunday Suppers and cooked and shared at small gatherings on the same night all over the world. 

I was also leading retreats on Lummi Island that centered around open fire cooking, foraging, and slow craft.  

I loved all this, but I got to a point where I wanted my own space, something rooted in a neighborhood. I found a shop that was available just a few blocks from my home in a charming building from the 1930's.  I really wanted to find a space with a patina, not a new development which seems to be the majority of spaces available right now. I fell for the building and felt like it was meant to be so I went for it, envisioning a space where I could bring people together through family style dinners, workshops and a wine bar. 

Where did your love for food originate?

As a kid, I always watched cooking shows, like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. I’ve been interested in cooking for as long as I can remember. Food at home growing up wasn't the most memorable but we always ate together as a family and my mom always made an effort to celebrate around food, whatever the occasion. Our family reunions always involved a cook-off where everyone made a dish and we all judged them and awarded prizes. I loved it! 

I moved to San Francisco with the intention of going to culinary school, but ended up taking the advice of a roommate who was in the industry and just started cooking in kitchens, eventually working my way up. The Bay Area is a really inspiring place to be for a chef, with access to the best produce year round and so many incredible restaurants.

Then … Covid Hit.  What Happened to Ebb & Co.?

I had only been open for two months! When quarantine hit I closed for 2 weeks just to be safe, naively thinking it would only be a few weeks. When we realized life wasn't going back to normal anytime soon I scrambled to pivot like everyone else in the business. A few friends asked about providing recipes and pantry ideas since there was that initial apocalyptic supermarket rush of people stocking up their reserves. This got me thinking about doing the pantry meal kits. They evolved into more pre-prepared meal kits that you finish at home. I always focus on using local ingredients to support the whole community because it's not just the restaurants hurting from all of this, it's also the farmers, fishermen, ranchers, makers, etc. who are affected. I still offer weekly meal kits but have expanded to take-away food and seasonal fresh pantry items. Still with the focus of bringing people together around the table, wherever that may be.

How’s Life on Lummi?

We feel so fortunate to have found our little house on Lummi 4 years ago.  It’s our special place and we've spent a lot of time there during Covid.  The abundance of wild food is incredible and we've become a part of the sweet little community of fisherman and farmers that I enjoy so much. To be able to buy a salmon sustainably caught by the reefnet fisherman just yards away, build a fire and cook it on the beach is truly one of the most special experiences of my life. Lummi has grounded us in the simple pleasures of nature, great food and family. Everytime we’re there, I am insanely grateful to live in this beautiful corner of the world.

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