Kinfood & Friends: Andy Young of St. Reginald Parish

Kinfood & Friends: Andy Young of St. Reginald Parish

How did you find your way to natural wine? 

Like a lot of folks, I found my way to natural wine through tasting a lot of bad corporate wine, then a lot of good independent wine and then had some real light bulb moments with natural wines with a close friend in Portland. We ordered them from Domaine LA mostly, or straight from the wineries in California; things we were reading about in the book New California Wine, or Kermit’s book, or various podcasts. It was a whole new world of discovery;  a truly wonderful time. 

How did The Marigny and St. Reginald Parish start?

St. Reginald Parish started in 2013 after working in branding and copywriting for several years. I was wanting to dip my toe into production after a couple harvests, but was freelancing for agencies and wasn’t ready to fully leave that behind for a life in production. I made the first Marigny wines in 2015, grew the brand over the next few years and slowly crossed over to it being fully what I was doing with my life.

What is your perspective on natural wine? And why should we all be drinking it? :)

My perspective on natural wine is completely about farming, transparency and what’s delicious to me at the time.. Funky, cloudy, clear, pretty, elegant, brutal…style is completely subjective. It can and should should be constantly evolving, no matter if you are the maker or the drinker. All that truly matters is that the vineyards are farmed with integrity by people that are in turn treated with integrity and that the wine is an example of those things, which to me is all about purpose and purity. 

What does kinship in the context of wine mean to you? How has wine served as a connector for you? 

I have a business partner that loves wine but isn’t obsessed with it as a beverage, or with terroir, or any of the things wine folks normally gravitate towards. What he is obsessed with is the reaction people have to our wines and the community they have built. An example of this is that we currently have a fund that’s paid into by our wine club members and ourselves, for the purpose of keeping other members in the club if they lose their job during the pandemic. It’s something that happened completely organically, without any prompting. You don’t hear of people doing that with just anything. And I agree with Adam (my business partner)’s pretty special. 

What is your favorite wine & meal pairing? 

Early on in the pandemic I had a bottle of Robinot Chenin Blanc with an Apple Fritter. High / low 4eva. 

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