An Interview with Pomelo

An Interview with Pomelo

Christy and Kate run Pomelo, a community and resource dedicated to using better food to fight climate change. They educate and inspire people to support our local food system in our community through events, in the workplace with workshops, and online.


Where did your journey with food and sustainability begin? And how did you meet!?

We both grew up with mothers who were deeply invested in food - cooking, nutrition, gardening. We both agree that our mama’s shaped,  to a great extent, our love and appreciation for good food. 

By our early-twenties - when we met working in a kitchen - we had both built our lives around food in similar ways; studying food systems and nutrition in college - working as cooks in restaurants - volunteering at urban farms - working for various vendors at the farmers markets - and utilizing food as our creative outlet at home. 

It was only a week or so after meeting before we realized we had found another person who was completely obsessed and captivated by food and by the act of sharing food with other people. From the beginning our friendship was centered around creating and eating beautiful food together. 

A year or two into our friendship, we were certain that we wanted to continue creating, eating, and sharing food together and with our community - and that was the beginning of Pomelo.  

What does kinship in the context of food mean to you? How has food served as a connector for you? 

Food is the ultimate connector - it shapes our world - the health of our bodies and the health of the planet -  and has for millions of years. We would not be here without it. 

When thinking about this question we realized - talking about kinship in the absence of food becomes difficult -- food is what connects us to our bodies, our communities, to the land, to our past, present, and future - to our history as humans on the planet. 

Food is what comes to mind when we hear kinship. 

What is your favorite fruit and/or vegetable? 

This question is virtually impossible to answer. It is the ultimate question - and we will have you know that we have never answered it straight up. Favorite vegetable? Choose just one? Come on. 

Every season brings different fruits, vegetables, and thus, different meals. 

All of them emotionally moving and exciting in their own ways. 

The bliss of eating your first asparagus, snap pea, or rhubarb of Spring after waiting a long winter - or biting into a juicy peach at the height of summer - these are the best food memories. 

The feeling of entering a new season, with all the produce it brings and the creativity it inspires, are when we experience our favorite fruits, vegetables and our ideal meal. We have so many favorites! They take many different shapes. All of them sensory, visceral, beautiful.


We adore Christy and Kate. For the next 5 weeks they'll be sharing their thoughts on eating sustainably. You can find the their first sustainability guideline here!

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