Meet Rand Rasheed of One Leaf Farm

Meet Rand Rasheed of One Leaf Farm

What brought you into the world of food? 

My name is Rand Rasheed. I got into farming 12-years ago because I thought it would be a cool job to have.  I figured I love cooking and eating, the next step is naturally to learn how to grow the food!  Growing up my family ate every meal together.  Holiday’s had special foods, and we experienced the changes of the seasons with what was available at the local market.  Fava beans and wild rhubarb were harbingers of Spring.  Ripe tomatoes meant that Summer was here. Pomegranates would fill the markets in Autumn, and citrus would be on the table all Winter.


What does kinship in the context of food mean to you? How has food served as a connector for you? 

Most of us grew up with family recipes that we love and that bring us comfort, it can give us an instant connection to our roots.  Food also connects us to the natural world, to the seasons, and to the environment we live in.  Through selling at the farmers market, we get to meet and talk to the people who eat the food we grow.  That relationship is very valuable, it’s what keeps us going.

What's your favorite fruit and/or vegetable? 

That’s a tough one to answer.  I get excited about whatever is new and in season.  My cooking style is very simple.  When you have good ingredients, you really don’t have to do much.  There’s already plenty of flavor, it’s just a matter of combining things that you like.

Farming can gobble up all my time if I allow it, and I do allow it to.  So putting food together means that it needs to be quick, simple, and nourishing.

Do you have a favorite fall recipe?

This time of year, roasted winter squash is a go to.  I just cut it into chunks, toss it in oil & seasonings, pop it in the oven, and that’s about it!

I would add the squash to a rice bowl, dressed with tahini or vinegar, mix it with pasta, or put it on a salad.  The warm-nutty flavor is welcomed during cold days.


You can find One Leaf Farm at the Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays.

All photos courtesy of the exquisite Jenny Riffle

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