Meet Libby from Orange Star Farm

Meet Libby from Orange Star Farm

What has brought you into the world of farming and food? 

I took a long and meandering path through several other careers before starting a farm.  I think the things that drew me toward food and then farming initially was the simple act of wanting to connect with the land and be a part of restoring and acknowledging it for the life giving force that it is.  I volunteered for many years connecting fellow city kids and adults in our industrial landscape to that experience as well. From there it was, I guess, an evolution of sorts. I became obsessed with vegetable varieties and searched for vanishing heirlooms and exchanged and saved seeds and researched the history of these varieties. The stories of seeds are really the stories of the movement of humans across the world and the values they placed in their sustenance. It was that initial obsession that led me to consider farming. 

What does kinship in the context of farming mean to you? How has farming and food served as a connector for you?  

There is nothing better than being with someone as they try a vegetable or fruit that they’ve never seen or tasted for the first time. Curiosity is a human trait in all of us as is our socialness.  I’ve always learned best by doing, so life has always been a sort of call and response for me and working with the land is no different. The language and signals are different but they are still there if you take the time to look for them. Farming for me is setting up systems that work with natural processes to produce vegetables and fruits that feed us and the land. When I’m out in the field I’m never alone and I am always connected.

What do you love to grow, or what are you most excited about growing this year? 

It’s hard to answer that question but if I had to choose, I’m loving the mix of cucumbers I’ve been growing over the last couple of years and pole beans! 

What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any!), any hobbies you enjoy?

I’m headed into my 5th year of production and while there isn’t a lot of free time to speak of I love to play music and take photographs.

What are you cooking up these days? Any favorites?

Most recently a simple sorrel soup with baby leeks!  Veggie stock with whatever’s in the fridge, garlic, leek, salt, pepper, and sorrel and a nice slice of toasted sourdough!

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