How to Swap Products / Options in Your Subscriptions

Hello there!

We've added three additional options for your Kinfood Bag Subscription and two options for our Natural Wine Share.

For Your Kinfood Bag, you can now automatically include pantry items as part of your subscription like pastured eggs, sourdough bread, or natural wine, or all three. 

For wine, we now offer the ability to add one wine pairing, two, or three to accompany all recipes for the week. 

You can swap between these options from week to week.  For instance, if you'd like eggs with your subscription one week, but only bread another or perhaps one week you'd like to try all three wines instead of just one, you can easily swap between these options in your account. 

First, login to your account by selecting the person icon at the top right of the home page:

Next, in your account, select "manage subscription", near the top of the page. 


Within this tab, you can see your subscriptions.  Select "View Details" at the bottom of the subscription you'd like to change. 

From here, you'll see several rows with options.  Select "Products in Your Subscription".  Once you select that row you can see the options to swap between.  Select the option you'd like, click the "select" button and then confirm.  You'll see a notice that the product was swapped successfully. 

You can swap between product options as frequently as you'd like.